Fundraising and communications.  

You need to raise money.  Simple, right?

It can be simple if you trust our experience. Our core team members all have the 10,000 hours of experience to do any part of your fundraising program.

Donor Recruitment with Google banner ads. It's the new thing and affordable.  


Facebook Campaigns. Converting "likes" to donors, yes we can.


Fundraising Plans – Sure thing.  


Estate Giving MaterialAbsolutely. 


Direct Mail – Best practice writing and donor focused. 

Capital Campaigns Plans, training, case for support, and people working with you day to day. You bet!


Donor NewslettersComplex topics in health care or advice on veggies, we have written about everything.


Grant Writing and ResearchA retired university librarian leads public research, and we have paid subscriptions to grant sources. 


Case for Support Page turning and engaging. Donor centered and motivating.  

Social Enterprise

Election Campaigns – Municipal, provincial and federal. Advice, fundraising, and engagement.


Business Incubation – Neil was the founding board chair of the Peterborough Regional Farmers Network (PRFN). PRFN also created several social enterprises including a new Farmers’ Market for Peterborough, an app to manage the vendors, a merchandise license agreement, and farmers’ market training manual. 

Private Sector

Google Banner Ads – It is the new thing and affordable. We create ads that chase your dream clients to whatever website they are using in Canada. After a short time, we gather potential clients for engagement with display ads, Gmail campaigns, YouTube ads, and banner ads. Facebook can be part of the program too.


New Venture Planning – If you want to launch a new social enterprise, we can create an operational plan or model. We have reviewed food hubs, farms, animal welfare organizations, and sports clubs.


WorkforceWins – Total HR outsourcing in 90 days. Find out how.