• Neil

You could just buy a jar at the store.

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Any day of the week you can zip over to the store and buy tomato sauce. So, why make your own?

Tomato sauce represents repetition and planning. Tomato sauce gets better with the right tools. Tomato sauce is really about making your life better.

I learned how to make tomato sauce from Kiki who was also my son's daycare provider. On the day of my lesson, Kiki's friends rolled in for the day and got to work. These Cyprian Greek woman worked for a day to give their families sauce for the next year. This is a good return.

The only pain with tomato sauce is getting the skins to come off. But last year I finally found the right tool. The Fabio Lenardi tomato press.

I processed many bushels of tomatoes and shared my tomato press around the neighbourhood.

Last year, I used my own tomatoes and lots more from my farmer friend Gus. This summer, Gus will come over to process his tomatoes into sauce as well. It will be a good time!

The right people, the right tools, and it's fun. That's what I want to give my clients. And, if you ask, I will give you a jar of my tomato sauce when you hire the team!